Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random Thoughts and Such

How is everyone doing today? I'm doing great myself. I've been busy so I haven't had time to update, but it's okay because it's just the pre-season right? Although regardless of what point of the season we are in, I always have something to talk about when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. Today is certainly no exception. Let's get started again with my top thoughts of the day

1) Eagles getting lucky with injuries: Thank God that Trent Cole only has a minor ankle sprain. He is our best defensive player and is integral to the success of this defense. And it seems like DeSean Jackson will be fine and was taken out as a precaution. Losing the team's best offensive player would be disastrous, as Kolb is gonna need all the help he can get.
Cole is integral to putting pressure on opposing QBs, which this defense thrives on

2) Kolb needs to step it up: Honestly, it doesn't matter if you looked at the stats, or just watched the game, Kolb did not perform well. If he keeps playing like this, then all of Philadelphia will be calling for his head. There were a few missed long-ball opportunities that Donovan would have had. Kolb's accuracy has always impressed me, but his ability to throw the long-ball has always troubled me a bit. Let's hope Andy Reid will utilize a bit more mid-range passing. Although that may end up leaving DeSean injured at one point in the season...
3) Asante stepping it up: This is a short point, but did you see that hit that Samuel laid down? Oh my goodness, if he keeps that up our secondary will not be a concern at all
Thank God its the pre-season. Kolb is gonna need to step it up for the regular season

4) Running game still stinks: Honestly, despite Shady McCoy's 18 yard touchdown, this running game is not looking very solid at all. It is primarily the offensive line's inability to work together and create holes for McCoy. McCoy's got talent, but similar to Matt Forte last year he cant do anything if he doesn't have the support. Maybe during the regular season, Reid and Morhinweg will straighten things out by creatively using McCoy, Bell, and Weaver as a 3-headed monster. But this blocking has got to change if this monster is gonna have any heads in the first place.
As talented as this lineman is, he needs to stop killing drives with false starts

5) Eagles as a whole need to step it up: Honestly, winning 20-17 is nothing to be proud of. The Chiefs are a terrible team and the Eagles are better on almost every position on paper. It's the pre-season of course, but what this team is showing me that it has potential in many ways. Good potential in the way the offense has moved the ball so far, but also potential to be dreadful with the way it fails to execute many times, on both offense and defense. It's a young team, so expect some growing pains, but let's hope that they are minimal and will not upset our chances at the postseason.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Eagles Look Lifeless in 22-9 Loss to Bengals

No reason to panic, actually far from it. In the end, it's just the Pre-Season. Andy Reid still has plenty of time to fix the team. And many people do not realize that the Bengals are a good team that one can argue is super bowl worthy.

Yet, at the end of the game, you can't help but walk away from your television with a sour taste in your mouth. The team's offense looked lifeless as it was unable to score a single touchdown in the entire first half with the starters in. And at the end of the game were still touchdown-less. And while Vick looked quicker than he's been since his return from prison, his passing looked abysmal, as he completed only 1-6 passes and threw a pair of picks. It also didn't exactly help to see T.O. catch a 45 yard pass against us.

Again, Cincinnati certainly is a good team and has a good defense. I'm not taking anything away from them. But as the Eagles now seem to pride themselves on their offense, the fact that they failed to score a single TD in an entire half with the starters in was a bit troubling. It is early, but if the Eagles want to be a contender this year they better get rolling quick. Let's hope our problems are fixed by the season premiere against the Packers. As good as things looked against Jacksonville, this game is now making me worried that the Eagles, slightly similar to last year, will look spectacular in 2010 against mediocre teams, but fall flat against opponents with some teeth.
Mike Vick better step it up if he wants to hope to even make it as a backup anywhere else

I think we can walk away from the game with one conclusion though. I know it is early but just because we have changed the guard at QB don't expect all of Philly's offensive problems to disappear. Kolb may be ready to lead but, as I have maintained with Donovan McNabb, winning is a team effort overall. In the game tonight, the Eagles showed they were still plagued by failure to exploit opportunities in the red-zone and to convert short-yardage situations. I am not saying the Eagles will never get these monkeys off their backs, but don't expect the Eagles to be saved now that their former scapegoat was exiled to our nation's capital.

Swapping McNabb for Kolb will not solve our red-zone or short-yardage issues.
Get to work Kevin Kolb, Andy Reid, and the team overall. You got a lot of work to do to prove me wrong.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Thoughts and Such

Hey everyone!

So I am finally back after being away for a bit of time. It was a nice trip, but my excitement for the upcoming season is still fresh! And now that I am finally home, I can share with you my thoughts that were locked up until now. For now, let's focus on 3 points:
Favre Returns (surpised much?)-
Did anyone really think he was gonna call it quits? Especially after the way last season ended? Favre will be back for his 20th season and what he seems to be dubbing his final hurrah. With his return, the Vikings should still be at the top of the NFC North, although anything could happen. After starting 309 straight games, he's bound to get hurt sometime right? One thing's for sure though. If he is starting against Philadelphia, that will be a tough game to win (at least the way things look now). And to think how excited I was about Favre possibly not suiting up against us down the road.
One more shot (supposedly) for Favre to reach the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the path goes through Philadelphia

Pre-Season Action- So how bout this offense? As I have maintained in the past, the Eagles look like they're gonna score a lot of points this season. Kolb is looking up to form as he seems to be throwing accurately and is surprising me with his agility. Also, Michael Vick's TD has shown us that he may have regained some of his lightning-quick speed from his days with Atlanta. And Kafka impressed a bit too. Looks like QB depth won't be a problem this season.
Kolb really impressed me with his mobility against Jacksonville.

Although, in the end it is still the pre-season. Let's hope this is an indication of the team's regular season performance, and not the 2008 Detroit Lions, who went 4-0 in the pre-season, only to finish 0-16 in the regular season.

O-line Reinforcements- What has plagued the Eagles last season may be showing signs of letting up. Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans are returning to the team. We all know how much it hurt to lose Jackson last season, as the Eagles stumbled from winning 6 straight games, to falling flat twice in a row against Dallas. And Herremans is a good left guard who is extremely underrated, and may be a sleeper to snatch a pro-bowl selection.
We all know the problems the Eagles had when our Jackson went down last season.

This is good news because, for all the good things I have seen from Kolb in 2009, training camp, and the pre-season so far, he will need all the help he can get. The first year as a starting QB is never easy and having to worry about getting your head taken off any second doesn't exactly help. Kolb is quick on his feet, but he ain't Donovan McNabb, who despite being 8 years older is still more mobile and athletic. So in conclusion, let's be thankful that Jackson can hopefully take over once again as Center, as Nick Cole has not impressed me so far.

Well that's all I got for today folks. The season's getting closer and closer. Before you know it we'll be talking about kicking off against the Green Bay Packers!

(Edit)- Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Congratulations to Brian Westbrook on finally finding an NFL team! He should fit right in with San Francisco, as they were in heavy need for a backup running back after Glen Coffee's unexpected retirement. Westbrook may see some starting time, as Gore has had a decent injury history in the past. As the Eagles play the 49ers week 5, this makes things even more interesting, as Philly will be facing off against two of its all-time greatest players. Fortunately Westbrook, unlike Donovan, is not in our division.