Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meltdown Against Minnesota Raise Red Flags

The MVP talks for Vick may have just gone out the window with his mediocre at best performance.
We had gotten used to it by now haven't we? Every year the Eagles have games that they have no business losing to far inferior competition. However, after shipping out Donovan McNabb, surely things would be different this year right? Surely Michael Vick would cement his MVP status once more?

Unfortunately, things in this organization remain largely the same. The Philadelphia Eagles just blew a game against the Minnesota Vikings, led by rookie Joe Webb, and a chance at a 1st round bye and the 2nd seed. When the hype for the team couldn't have been higher, the flying high Eagles seemed to crash and burn in this one and have now again raised questions about the team.
If Reid fails to rally the team once more, he will be on the hot seat here in Philly.
The game was simply awful and the Eagles did not get it done in any category. Whether it was special teams, passing the ball, running the ball, the play of the O-line, the pass D, the run D, coaching, it was hard to believe we were watching the 2010 Eagles last night. And then, of course, the costly penalties returned, putting the Eagles in bigger and bigger holes.

Clearly, the biggest weakness of the Eagles is their tendency to collapse, as they did last season against Dallas (sorry for bringing back the memories) and this season against the Titans and now the Vikings. Hopefully, Andy Reid will take advantage of the opportunity to rest his starters in preparation for Green Bay or the Giants in round 1 and hope that we can bounce back after a week to rest.


  1. Aaron Rodgers's passer rating over his last 7 starts is 122, while our secondary is pretty beat up lately and we have little RZ defense. Clay Matthews had 14 sacks this season, while our O-line has looked pretty mediocre lately. If we can't simply out-gun the Packers offense it could be a long day Sunday... That means that, among other things, D-Jax really needs to show up.

  2. The Packers are definitely a challenge, but I believe if the Eagles show up they match up well. The defense will play better without having to face a strong running game. And Vick should be able to light up the Packers secondary. While both teams are very similar, I believe the Eagles are simply the more complete team.