Monday, March 7, 2011

Brian Westbrook to Return to Eagles?

Westbrook may be the next veteran in the Andy Reid era to return to the Eagles
According to an interview recently with CSN and NBC 10, Westbrook has stated that he has been in contact with Andy Reid and would love to return to Philly, stating that he believes he still can contribute to the team at this point in his career.

While many would criticize this move, as Westbrook at 31 is well past his prime and in the twilight of his career, any Eagle fan should welcome B-West back with open arms.

Why? Well firstly we have the obvious reason: He's Brian Westbrook. One of the most beloved players in recent Eagles history. Bringing him back would be applauded and a morale boost to fans and players alike. It sure would be a great feeling at the very least to see Westbrook retire as an Eagle. The organization would at least owe him that.

Secondly, Westbrook still has a lot to offer this football team.
Westbrook can still be an effective kick returner should be return to the Eagles
Don't get me wrong, his carrying days are all but over. After carrying a mere 77 times for 340 yards (4.4 yards per carry) and 16 receptions for 150 yards, he still has big-play capability, but not nearly the dynamic franchise back he once was.

Yet, as the interview shows that he is willing to accept a backup role, he can still play a significant role on this offense. Westbrook is still an excellent blocker, something that neither McCoy nor Jerome Harrison seem to do well. With the porous offensive line that the Eagles have, any help protecting Vick would be appreciated.

And perhaps most importantly, Westbrook still has a great deal of speed left in his body. He could easily solve the problems the Eagles have had with Kick Returning. Ever since Ellis Hobbs hurt himself, neither Jorrick Calvin nor Chad Hall could do the trick. Westbrook would give us a dynamic kick returner once again.

And a good pair of hands, a team-first attitude, and excellent leadership can only help a young talented Eagles team.

Therefore, the Philadelphia Eagles truly have little to lose in taking Westbrook as a 3rd string halfback. And if anything should happen to Harrison (or God forbid, McCoy) we could be sure we would have a capable option to step up. Let's cross our fingers and hope this deal goes through.

And if, misfortune should have it, Vick were to land himself on IR within the first 6 games, don't be surprised to see Andy hit #5 on his speed dial...

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